Apropos the previos post, am plagued here at 5am by  some itching in the old sacrum environs. I would liken the associated skin deformation to the strange lumps and bumps associated with the odd post-glacial landscape. The bare truth is that I was wrangĺing them little wee pebbles into cement in between some paving slabs […]

On the edge of the glacier

When we first arrived here, we soon noticed the garden was full of pebbles. Whenever and wherever we dug a hole to plant anything, the soil contained pebbles…lots of them. Usually small, sometimes the size of hens’ eggs, and sometimes hand sized. They are often black, and sometimes tan coloured. I might add that the […]


Last week I saw an amazing play at the Duke of York, set in the Fleet Street of 1969. The taboid Daily Mirror was the biggest selling UK newspaper (over 5 million copies a day). The broadsheet Sun which had been going just a few years as a rebranded Daily Herald* (I can remember it […]


This train of thought began with me wondering how a certain Mr Goldfinger felt in 1964 when he first heard the theme song to the film ‘Goldfinger’, as sung by the inestimable, Shirley Bassey.  The thought was prompted in part because I have been compiling a playlist of 1960s music, and John Barry who helped […]

Life and Times in NW1

When I was just 15 or so Alan Bennett got his first television series,  which aired in November and December 1966. He’d made it big in the satire boom years, beginning in the Cambridge Footlights troupe as a student, and writing a lot of their sketches for the hit stage show Beyond the Fringe, and […]