King Richard III

He of the title may be more associated with Leicester than London, having died there for want of a horse, but I have to say that he inspired a terrific play.  We saw the latest production last weekend at the Apollo, and it was even better than the one put on a year or two […]

The 1958 house

Idly looking at some property websites, we came across this house. It’s not the best side but it’s all I can show at present.  It is one of a group of four built in 1958, almost literally on the edge of London. The green belt* stopped London growing any further outwards, at this point. We […]

A little puzzle

I’ve been wondering for a few days now how to start this blog.  In addition, I have puzzled over what to post in it,  once I  eventually manage to start it up.  Anyway, now that I have started it, I realise  that I have to decide upon a look, so I’d better do that before […]