A little puzzle

I’ve been wondering for a few days now how to start this blog.  In addition, I have puzzled over what to post in it,  once I  eventually manage to start it up.  Anyway, now that I have started it, I realise  that I have to decide upon a look, so I’d better do that before I deter anyone from reading further by the current default look, which is a bit dull.

Ok, I’m going for it. I have missed blogging, for a few weeks now.  So I am going to hit ‘publish’.  Publish and be damned seems an appropriate quote at this slightly tiddly juncture.

There…now I’ve been and gone and done it…


2 thoughts on “A little puzzle

  1. I’m glad you’ve decided to hit the publish button. I don’t think I’ve ever really zeroed in on a single topic/theme for my blog. I sort of just go with whatever I’m thinking.

    Looking froward to the miscellany. 🙂

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