In the event of somethin’ ‘appening to me…

The Bee Gees’ first big hit and in my view one of their best was recorded in 1967, and made a considerable impact (‘New York Mining Disaster 1941’). Robin Gibb, who co-wrote it with his brother Maurice, died yesterday.* It’s been said that the song was inspired by the Aberfan disaster in the South Wales mining village of that name the previous year, something which made a terrible impact on all of us here at the time, especially perhaps if one had some welsh blood.

Given the song’s opening words it’s perhaps ironic that Robin was personally involved in another gruesome disaster later in 1967 – the Hither Green railway crash which killed 55 people (just down the road here in fact). A London disaster. Strangely I don’t remember it at all though it was truly awful.

* it was yesterday quite a while ago now. This is in fact an old post craned in haphazardly from a redundant blog.


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